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Angel Aura Quartz bracelet

Angel Aura Quartz bracelet

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Beginning life as natural crystals (in this case Clear Quartz), Aura crystals are treated with a combination of extremely high heat and precious metal vapours, which coats them in their distinctive iridescence and saturated colours. Aura crystals hold the magic of the original crystal variety plus an added sparkle of lighthearted fun and joy.

Clear Quartz is a master healer, energy transmitter, and connector to higher consciousness. It's no accident that many ancient spiritual sites and temples are built over large Quartz deposits. It's is considered the most powerful healing stone and energy amplifier on the planet. It works on all chakras, attuning to your specific energy requirements. There’s nothing it can’t do, and is essential in any crystal collection. Clear Quartz also amplifies the healing magic of all other crystals.

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