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Sunstone & Spirit

HQ Aegirine C

HQ Aegirine C

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10cm x 2cm

In my opinion, Aegirine is an incredibly under-rated stone. It is considered a 'big gun' that can release attachments of negative thought vibrations and even entity attachments if you sense those are present. By releasing stored trauma and negative energy in the form of thoughts or frequencies, one feels instantly more calm, centered, and peaceful. Aegirine can help you determine what energy is yours and what energies do not belong to you. In that way, for healers, Aegirine is a critical tool in one's magical toolkit.

It can identify and move energetic blockages, even without your conscious awareness. Simply carry or wear the stone to allow its vibration to connect to your chakras. It's also believed to break dependencies on toxic substances and help the body recover.

When wearing Aegirine, it is critical to remember that it deters unwanted energy so effectively that you may find yourself losing energetic connections with many people in your life. Think of this stone as your go-to when external energies are overwhelming or feel like too much. But when you are ready to be open, soft, and vulnerable again, take it off and let things flow; it will be there for you when you need it again.

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