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HQ Pietersite slice E - RARE

HQ Pietersite slice E - RARE

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6cm x 5cm

Pietersite is considered a rare gemstone. Blue Pietersite is the most rare, but any form of this precious gem is difficult to find. There are only two locations in the world where it can be mined: Namibia (its place of origin) and parts of China.

This is beautiful, high quality Pietersite from Namibia that I was SO lucky to find at an affordable price.


Pietersite offers peace and contentment with what you have, allowing deeper gratitude, happiness, and personal satisfaction. 

It connects you to deep insight, intuition, and transformation and pushes you in the direction of your dreams while moving the deepest parts of your subconscious and bringing them to the surface, helping you see yourself and your path more clearly.

Pietersite cleanses the auric field, lights your inner fire, and instills the motivation to make changes that align with your highest path

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