• Hi, I'm Sam ✦

    Just a girl following her soul calling

  • The magic behind Sunstone & Spirit

    If you had told me a few years ago that I’d be giving up my successful 14-year copywriting career to sell crystals and be a Reiki healer I would’ve thought you had completely lost it. My life was nowhere near that trajectory, and I barely even knew what those things meant. At the time, I was burying my pain and trauma in partying, drinking and strings of unfulfilling, emotionally damaging relationships. I was not showing up for, or loving, myself and neither were the people I was surrounding myself with.

    Queue 2020. Where everything changed for a lot of us. There were loads of catalysts during that time that led me to my awakening and spiritual path. My gran passed and started visiting me. The distraction-less solitude of lockdown. Admitting to myself that I didn’t like my career, or who I had become while in it.

    My soul was calling for massive change. So, I removed myself from the toxic spaces and people and moved back to Cape Town after being away for over 10 years. This finally gave me the space to rediscover myself, and my inner magic.

  • During this time is also when I discovered the life-changing magic of crystals (Or rediscovered – my grandparents used to take us to the Scratch Patch as kids. And I’d spend hours playing with the gems we collected. Coincidence? I think not).

    Crystals woke me up. They helped me heal, led me to magic and Reiki, showed me my soul calling, and every day I go further down the path they led me to. And I am eternally grateful for, and in awe, of them.

    My belief is that crystals are vibration and consciousness raising pieces of magic seeded here millions of years ago, waiting for the time we would need them to help us awaken. Because I got to experience this for myself, I believe that’s why I’ve been given the mission of getting more crystals to more people, to help them along their journey as well.