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Venus Energy Ritual Bath Soak

Venus Energy Ritual Bath Soak

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Ritual baths are a deeply transformative experience. Using the power of your intention and intentionally chosen ingredients and crystals you can create a space for deep inner healing, awareness and blissful relaxation. 

The Venus Energy ritual bath soak is focussed on the intention of love and awakening the divine feminine goddess within you. Perfect for when you need to nurture and love your inner self, or get into a loving mood - also perfect for tandem bathing ;)

Roses are associated with the planet Venus and the element of water. For centuries roses have been used in love mixtures and connected to romance, protection, love, healing, and even psychic powers.

Sink in to the intoxicating aroma of rose and vanilla essential oils, with skin nourishing jojoba oil and energy cleansing and detoxifying salts. Himalayan and epsom salts also contain magnesium which is known to increase physical relaxation. 

Light a candle, set an intention and drift away into Divine Feminine bliss.


Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, Jojoba oil, rose and vanilla essential oils, Rose Quartz


All natural. Vegan. Cruelty free.

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